Arts Midwest Conference, September 2011

Every year I have to attend at least two conferences that bring artists and
presenters together to discuss how to best promote the art form and what is out there that deserves being promoted. In many cases I have it easier than most since I represent an arts specific organization and my search is only for dance. This past weekend I was inMinneapolis,MNfor the Arts Midwest conference and had marvelous dialogue with our Plains Presenters with whom we are working on some exciting projects for the near future.

Attended several dance showcases and though familiar with most of the artists I did get to see two groups that interested me, Zenon Dance Company whose flair and commitment to the work created by Daniel Charon was exciting to watch. The work itself felt like the best conceived of all the works I viewed this past weekend. I also came across a charming duet, almost performance art, that call themselves Trick Boxing. I will see how I can make sure that both of them have a showplace in Spring to Dance, if not in 2012 definitely in 2013.

But what was most exciting was the opening, to which I had the honor of being invited by Lise Houlton daughter of Loyce Houlton founder of Minnesota Dance Theatre and with whom I created some of my earlier works with Lise in the cast before she went out to become a star with American Ballet Theatre and other companies around the work, of a brand new theatre , The Cowels Art Center, refurbished exclusively for Dance.MinneapolisandMinnesotahave truly caring support from the State and the arts are greatly appreciated by the populations. Whatever they are doing is certainly a model for all of us to follow.

The Theatre, seating only 500 does not have the beauty of a Touhill, but certainly makes dance accessible and provides the artist and audience with the environment they deserve.

Now, back in St. Louis to be charmed by MOMIX, again and excited about the upcoming performances of Martha Graham Dance Company.

MOMIX in Botanica

Martha Graham Dance Company


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