New Dance Horizons: First Look

With summer heat finally giving us a break we prepare to “heat up” the dance world with a unique program, “New Dance Horizons” where four incredible choreographers: Jessica Lang, Victoria Marks, Gina Patterson and Pam Tanowitz are in the process of creating four exciting new works on our own dancers and dance companies.

It is thrilling for me to be able to be part of creativity once again. These artists are spending weeks in our midst and not only inspiring but getting to know our city and all it has to offer. The works being created can turn out to be master works, or maybe not, but what I have already seen is a change in the dynamics of our performers. They are thirsty for knowledge and new experiences and they are drinking what is being offered with gusto.

Their faces light up. Their bodies extend beyond what ever was asked of them. And I, like a proud grandfather, share the joy with the Artistic Directors of the companies when we see how the dancers rise to the occasion and go beyond it.

It is a great time. A time I had missed for a long time. There is something magical about the act of creation and being around it. It is like the world stands still and you move in a haze and finally the work is done and depression sets in. But those days of preparation. Those days of creation. Those days of teaching, no one, absolutely no one, can take them away from you. They consume you in a way that is hard to explain to those not involved in the arts. But it is a magical time that somehow gets communicated to the audience and you, our audience, will marvel if you come to see this incredible new endeavor.

Be there, we are waiting for you. As well as Common Thread, Leverage, MADCO and Saint Louis Ballet.


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