Our friends, PILOBOLUS, are coming to town

One of the joys of doing what I do is that every few years I can invite special friends to return and grace our stage and charm our audiences with their artistry.
This year it is PILOBOLUS, magicians of dance that have delighted our audiences and brought us sold out houses. They are incredible individuals that have spawned many imitators but no one that can match them. I have been friends with the founders from our days in Ct. in the early 70’s as they begun their ascent to world re-known creativity and I was in the process of creating the Hartford Ballet that became the blue print for many dance companies of today.
Our mutual admiration culminated in the creation of a fabulous work for the Hartford Ballet, work that will be seen next year as part of our New Dance Horizons II, but today we joyfully let ourselves wonder into their world and get transported, through the marvel of the human body, to universes we never thought possible.
I so look forward to their presence. Artists totally grounded and committed to their task. A joy to watch, a joy to talk too, a joy to laugh with, a joy to call my friends.

3 responses to “Our friends, PILOBOLUS, are coming to town

  1. Please give the Pilobolus crew a kiss and and a hug for me. Sorry, I can be there, like the last time the Pils were in St. Louis. jude woodcock

  2. I was spending a quite Sunday looking at dance images and ran into your picture. It lead me to your dance site and your blog. You have alway been ahead of the curve and I wish it was better noted in the dance journals that chronicle important happens. Always articulate, understated yet compleatly appreciative of people and there efforts, never entitled. You have remained the best “boss”, even after nearly thirty years, working far and wide, for others. Thanks for that.

  3. Aren’t Happy Birthday’s in order?

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