Carmina Burana

The storm passed, a show was cancelled, but the electricity and excitement that permeated the three other shows more than made up for having missed one.


Bach Cantata No. 10 and Carmina Burana thrilled sold-out audiences with quiet beauty and their powerful dancing. Nashville Ballet absolutely delighted the audience and showed what can be done when great direction exists within the organization. Superb dancers brought Paul Vasterling’s vision to life, and by the time the last chord of O Fortuna had faded, everyone in the audience was on their feet clamoring for more and praising the amazing dancing they had just seen.

After the performance, people were walking on a cloud. Although all parties involved – UMSL Orchestra and Singers, Bach Society of Saint Louis, The St. Louis Children’s Choirs, the dancers – have been lavished in praise, we are already being asked what we are going to do to top that incredible event. To all those wondering, I say, “Worry not, we shall deliver over and over again.”

We hope if you did not see this event, that in the not-too-distant future, we shall be able to bring it back to you in all its majesty. I am sure our audiences would appreciate seeing it again. I am sure the over 200 artists that graced our stage would love an encore. 

So, all of us at Dance St. Louis could not be happier to have delivered what we knew we would. We could not be happier that thousands came to see it and filled every seat at the Touhill, and we cannot be more thrilled to follow up this event with one just as magnificent in a different way. New York City Ballet MOVES comes to the Fox Theatre this weekend. Two shows to view some of the most treasured dancers in the American dance scene. If you were with us at Carmina, join us for New York City Ballet MOVES. If you were not at Carmina, do not make the same mistake twice – rush to purchase your ticket. The FOX will be the fabulous environment where these artists will shine.

 See you there.


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