Spring to Dance Festival 2013

A couple of weeks have gone by since the last applause rang in my ears from another exciting and successful Emerson SPRING TO DANCE® FESTIVAL.

People ask me often how I programmed each event. Did I plan for Saturday to be better than or more exciting that the other days? The truth is not at all. I simply believe that because we have so many people coming all three nights, by the time Saturday comes, they have reached a fever pitch.

Each year the excitement for me is to discover new friends who I have either seen live and was fascinated by their work or had viewed them on DVD and was simply curious. Once in St. Louis their artistry becomes apparent and one cannot help but marvel at the richness of our field. This year I made an effort to Spring to Dance Festival 2013, Robert Moses Kin, NormaBrendan, photo by RJ Munaacquaint St. Louis with the dance and dancers of the West Coast. Eddie Madril (the Native American hoop dancer), ODC/Dance, Margaret Jenkins, Robert Moses’ Kin and casebolt and smith made a strong point; to all of you who travel, if out west, plan to see them.

Spring to Dance Festival 2013, Grand Rapids Ballet, photo by Chris ClarkAnother question asked is who surprised me the most . Besides the joy and satisfaction of seeing our own artists grow and mature each year, my eyes and intellect were surprised by the quality of the dancers of Grand Rapids Ballet, the creativity and focus of the performers of Robert Moses’ Kin, and the unsurpassed joy, humor and timing of casebolt and smith. But each of our performers Spring to Dance Festival 2013, casebolt and smith, Photo by Jeff Larson3brought their best and it is their hard work that makes Emerson SPRING TO DANCE® FESTIVAL the place to be in St. Louis over the Memorial Day Weekend.
See you in May 2014, but for those how live here, we certainly hope to see you sooner.

Love and peace,


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