PNC Arts Alive New Dance Horizons II Rehearsals Begin


With all of the activity surrounding my recent wedding to Flor, I was unable to go see Uri Sands work with Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company during their first week, but perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. I was, however, able to get there this past Saturday and marvel and what had been accomplished in just one short week.

The beauty and greatest fascination of the new dance project is its creative mode and the danger of maybe not working…but, so far so good. The creativity shown and the commitment of the dancers will enrich the audience forever and therefore make St. Louis a better place.

CommonThread 2In a style that flows from head to toe, Uri had 6 female dancers, working with a physicality and concentration that will surely translate to brilliance on stage. Flor and her daughter Sara came with me and the three of us were sad to leave but excited about the prospect of what the next few weeks will bring.

For the PNC Arts Alive New Dance Horizons II project, choosing who will work whom is always a gamble, and so far we are succeeding. What a perfect union, Uri Sands and Common Thread.


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