The amazing discoveries one makes when putting together something like New Dance Horizons are sometimes overwhelming. You know the talent of the individuals you are engaging, you have either seen their work or their performances but I am always overwhelmed when presented with the real thing, in person and with a purpose to illuminate and inspire our local dancers and audiences. One such artist is Nejla Yatkin, whom we brought to St. Louis to work with Leverage Dance Theater.

Nejla  headshot DSC_3103aShe has arrived in town and Flor and I had the pleasure of attending a rehearsal early on in the process where I saw one and one half of the four movements that will be the piece. The work is truly sublime. In just a few days Nejla has conjured an incredible world of movement and emotion that has transfixed the dancers of Leverage Dance Theater and the creation shows them at their very best. The solo for Tricia and her interpretation was simply captivating. This New Dance Horizons is proving to be a must see event.

There is joy in Mudville and that joy will be at the Touhill on October 4th and 5th with PNC Arts Alive New Dance Horizons II. Be there.


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