New Dance Horizons Opens Tonight!

The time has come for everyone to rush to the Touhill and get a glimpse of an incredible performance that showcases 4 creations of un-paralleled beauty, passion and drama. Our four companies, Leverage Dance Theater, Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company, MADCO and Saint Louis Ballet shine brightly in magical creations by Nejla Yatkin, Uri Sands, PILOBOLUS and Emery LeCrone.

CTEach work is a jewel unto its own. Together they create a string of creative pearls that will have you glued to your seats, marveling at the images conjured by the choreographers and the interpretation of the artists.

From the white purity and romantic piano music played brilliantly by Daniel Schene, Director of the Piano Department at Webster University, in Nejla’s piece, to the abstract neo classicism of Emery’s intricate patterns to contemporary music, to the powerful drama of Uri’s creation inspired by an incredible American woman, Ms, Henrietta Lacks and the fluidity of the performers to the intricacies of PILOBOLUS’ work staged masterfully by Jude MADCOWoodcock and performed with strong assurance by the dancers, you will be positively and completely overwhelmed.

Do not miss this! There is no conflict with the Cardinals playoffs, so no excuse is allowed. Come and cherish the gifts that St. Louis has to offer and the gift that Dance St. Louis is bestowing on all of us.

*photos by Steve Truesdell


One response to “New Dance Horizons Opens Tonight!

  1. Andrew Blackmore-Dobbyn

    This makes me wish you would sit down to write that book that’s tucked away inside you!

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