The Big Muddy’s Season Premiere Performance

Last weekend I saw the The Big Muddy Dance Company performing to an excited audience of about 500 at Casa Loma Ballroom, a most interesting venue not usually associated with live dance performances but one that should definitely be looked at seriously for unusual performances and attractions. Needless to say it would need major improvements as the problems that upset Paula David, Artistic Director of The Big Muddy were obvious but did not interfere with the power of the dancing and the artistry of the performers.

The evening was full of great energy with pieces that appealed to all. Perhaps, because of who I am and where I come from, it was the most introspective numbers that appeal to me the most. Kameron Saunders’ quartet for 4 men had all the right qualities and ingredients and the premiere of Thom Dancy, a new member of the company, introduced us to someone to watch. His work was marvelous because it dared to be quiet, a good change of pace from the energetic approach of all the other works.

It is marvelous to welcome The Big Muddy Dance Company to our St. Louis arena. What Paula David has done in three short years needs to be praised and applauded. Her ability to surround herself with dancers that engage the audience at all levels is special and to have them back their dancing abilities with personality is a special joy. I look forward to their other presentations and am thrilled that for their January performance they have chosen to stage a work of mine, “A Media Luz” to music of Astor Piazzolla. Rehearsals are already at such a high level that I can’t wait to see the final result.


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