New York, New York

Every year, when the cold consumes NYC, a convention of artists, presenters and some funders takes place in Manhattan. APAP. It is an incredible ordeal that makes me feel thankful that my passion and only purpose for being there is to see as much dance as possible.

Each year one goes with the expectations of seeing new things. Exciting new things and much too often disappointment ensues. But there are those incredible moments that brighten the days and warm the spirit that make it all worthwhile.

I was there for three and a half days and was running around all over town. Mostly sat at City Center’s Studio 4 but did venture downtown to see Susan Marshal, an artist I admire greatly, but who seems to be at place in her development that does not suit our needs. Because of tight schedules or wrong addresses, my wanting to experience Kyle Abrahams was shot down. I still managed to see some great stuff.

Aszure Barton is a remarkable artist. With passion, invention and creativity second to none. Camille Brown puts forth a dynamic and enthralling set of images that transcend the vocabulary. Bill T Jones, with his majestic and genius like control of the environment, compels you to sit and pay attention to a marvelous creation.

However, some other major artists disappointed me greatly. Others I did not get a chance to see. I saw many of the smaller groups and some new discoveries were absolutely terrible. Some of my older friends offered their established quality of creativity and some surprised us like Ballet X, Philadanco and a new group comprised of young men from Algeria living in France that have sprung out of hip hop. Similar to our upcoming Compagnie Käfig that will showcase these marvelous men that have come out from the Brazilian Favelas.

Overall, cold aside, it was fun. I had a reintroduction to the stage when Rosie Herrera, a former student of mine at New World School of the Arts, asked me to assist her in a new project she was developing and needed someone who could translate to English. It was a marvelous encounter. A fun moment. I am still smiling about it and those in attendance seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed it.

And now, let’s focus on the Heat and Passion of Tango Buenos Aires.

See you at the Touhill on January 30 & 31.


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