Let’s Tango!

Tango Buenos Aires arrived in town like a breath of fresh and warm air! Excited audiences filled the Touhill and swayed to the marvelous music of 5 incredible musicians and were fascinated by the intricacies of tango. The 10 performers made it to look so effortless and sensual. The idea of having a narrative woven through the action was a great one.

The men took the audience to new heights with their Malambo. Their use of the Boldeadoras had everyone on their feet. A marvelous number that was followed by some incredible duets that conceived actions and reactions unfamiliar with our concept of the tango.

The Saturday Matinee was followed by a Milonga, a free for all with tango in the center of it all. Classes were taught by the choreographer and one of the leading ladies from the show. A few steps were enough to confuse me. But close to 300 people stayed to watch and dance and by 6 PM the Touhill had to ask most of them to leave. Otherwise, they would still be dancing!

For Dance St. Louis what was most special about the event was seeing so many of the students that have been partaking in our Educational Outreach taught by Diego Blanco and Ana Padron. For weeks, they have been learning how to tango and the history of Argentina. They all took to the floor with flare and style!

It was fun had by all.


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