A Brazilian Tsunami hit St. Louis! What a weekend!

Our 2014-15 season is coming to an end. Though our thoughts were on the future, our expectations for Compagnie Käfig were flying high and they were rewarded! The cast made it to St. Louis and they had those in attendance completely fall in love with them. Not only was their physicality something to admire, but their theatrical timing was impeccable and their personal charm contagious. The two works Correria and Agwa flowed with incredible facility. Each of them receiving standing ovations from our audience.

Saturday evening concluded with a Brazilian Carnival style festivity where our audience, free of charge, was invited to dance amongst the dancers themselves and some of our local performers! For almost two hours everyone gyrated to sambas, zumbas, capoeiras and hip-hop tunes. The majority of us making fools of ourselves. What was amazing to see was how the dancing and the music connected everyone. Soon the locals and the Käfig dancers were exchanging dance moves on the marble floor of the lobby. Without any malice, one trying to outdo the other and then, out of nowhere, like a secret language known by dancers all over the world, they would start dancing the same steps to the tune that was being played. It makes me really wonder why on earth people don’t get along in the world. For these two hours — love and caring reigned supreme! It’s with no greater joy than to know and see what Dance St. Louis brought to the Touhill.

My only regret was that our audience was not any larger. I’m sorry that many of our African American audience members that frequent the shows of Alvin Ailey, Dance Theatre of Harlem, Complexions and others, couldn’t join us for Käfig! They would have loved it, as everyone there did! Well, we can hope that they and those who attended will be joining us during 2015-16. Many, many things to enjoy.


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