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New Dance Horizons Opens Tonight!

The time has come for everyone to rush to the Touhill and get a glimpse of an incredible performance that showcases 4 creations of un-paralleled beauty, passion and drama. Our four companies, Leverage Dance Theater, Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company, MADCO and Saint Louis Ballet shine brightly in magical creations by Nejla Yatkin, Uri Sands, PILOBOLUS and Emery LeCrone.

CTEach work is a jewel unto its own. Together they create a string of creative pearls that will have you glued to your seats, marveling at the images conjured by the choreographers and the interpretation of the artists.

From the white purity and romantic piano music played brilliantly by Daniel Schene, Director of the Piano Department at Webster University, in Nejla’s piece, to the abstract neo classicism of Emery’s intricate patterns to contemporary music, to the powerful drama of Uri’s creation inspired by an incredible American woman, Ms, Henrietta Lacks and the fluidity of the performers to the intricacies of PILOBOLUS’ work staged masterfully by Jude MADCOWoodcock and performed with strong assurance by the dancers, you will be positively and completely overwhelmed.

Do not miss this! There is no conflict with the Cardinals playoffs, so no excuse is allowed. Come and cherish the gifts that St. Louis has to offer and the gift that Dance St. Louis is bestowing on all of us.

*photos by Steve Truesdell


NDH2-PNC-logoFinal-blackI finally got to see all of the New Dance Horizons II works and I could not be more thrilled at what has been created and how it is being danced.

Something very special occurs when you commission four independent choreographers and have them stage works on four different dance companies that appear together in an evening of dance second to none.

Having worked in a repertory company and having experienced and seen the thrill of performing different works I never thought of what would happen if the same approach was done utilizing four different groups with their own points of view. The result is New Dance Horizons II.

Emery Headshot St  LouisEmery LeCrone’s work for St. Louis Ballet is full of choreographic intricacies and requires total concentration and a complete physical commitment to the work. The dancers are doing exactly that. Although I have only seen some 5 minutes of the work, it is a fascinating abstract piece that takes you into the dancers’ bodies.

The imagery that Nejla Yatkin has created for Leverage Dance Theatre, the harmonious intensity, fluidity and emotionality of Uri Sands’ work for Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company and the amazing theatricality and physicality that is demanded of MADCO in PILOBOLUS’ “Land’s Edge” will make dance lovers drool. What a joy to be part of this unique adventure and how proud we feel to have this take part in Missouri, where the motto The Show Me State certainly applies to New Dance Horizons.

See you at the Touhill THIS WEEKEND. Don’t complain if you miss it.

Love and peace,


The amazing discoveries one makes when putting together something like New Dance Horizons are sometimes overwhelming. You know the talent of the individuals you are engaging, you have either seen their work or their performances but I am always overwhelmed when presented with the real thing, in person and with a purpose to illuminate and inspire our local dancers and audiences. One such artist is Nejla Yatkin, whom we brought to St. Louis to work with Leverage Dance Theater.

Nejla  headshot DSC_3103aShe has arrived in town and Flor and I had the pleasure of attending a rehearsal early on in the process where I saw one and one half of the four movements that will be the piece. The work is truly sublime. In just a few days Nejla has conjured an incredible world of movement and emotion that has transfixed the dancers of Leverage Dance Theater and the creation shows them at their very best. The solo for Tricia and her interpretation was simply captivating. This New Dance Horizons is proving to be a must see event.

There is joy in Mudville and that joy will be at the Touhill on October 4th and 5th with PNC Arts Alive New Dance Horizons II. Be there.

PNC Arts Alive New Dance Horizons II Rehearsals Begin


With all of the activity surrounding my recent wedding to Flor, I was unable to go see Uri Sands work with Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company during their first week, but perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. I was, however, able to get there this past Saturday and marvel and what had been accomplished in just one short week.

The beauty and greatest fascination of the new dance project is its creative mode and the danger of maybe not working…but, so far so good. The creativity shown and the commitment of the dancers will enrich the audience forever and therefore make St. Louis a better place.

CommonThread 2In a style that flows from head to toe, Uri had 6 female dancers, working with a physicality and concentration that will surely translate to brilliance on stage. Flor and her daughter Sara came with me and the three of us were sad to leave but excited about the prospect of what the next few weeks will bring.

For the PNC Arts Alive New Dance Horizons II project, choosing who will work whom is always a gamble, and so far we are succeeding. What a perfect union, Uri Sands and Common Thread.